Sunday, May 24, 2009

Orlando for William's Birthday

We had some great celebrations for William's 33rd.

We headed to Orlando early in the morning a few days before Williams birthday. The amount of activity before the sun had risen was confusing for John. This look says, "This is highly unusual behavior for my parents."

This is the first time we decided to try before going down. We usually just find the cheapest hotel on We've stayed in some scary places. Never again. Using turned out freaking awesome. We got to stay at the Hyatt Place Universal for $35.00 a night. We loved it.

First went to Universal. We've actually been a couple of times now, and I keep forgetting to blog about it. We actually love it. Our favorite rides are The Hulk and The Dueling Dragons. We don't love going there as much as we love going to Disney World, which is probably evidenced by the fact that I haven't blogged about it yet... But, we couldn't afford annual passes to Disney and it's really the next best thing.

ANYWAYS, we had a good time on this trip, and remembered to take a few fun pictures...

On William's birthday we had the most fun. We took advantage of Disney's birthday promotion this year, and headed to Epcot. We had the best day! I don't think I realized how much I'd been missing going to Disney World once a month until we were there again. It felt like home. We did all of our favorite rides, and since it was Epcot, ate at all of our favorite places. It's also the Flower and Garden festival right now, which was nice. They gave us buttons when we got there. William's said "It's my birthday." Mine said, "I'm celebrating." And then there was this one for John. The look on his face says, "My parents are super excited about this button and I guess I am too, I just don't know why."

And this is just cute.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I've totally enjoyed today. My husband pampered me properly. Got me flowers, a present (mp3 player that can read files so that I can stop having to converting the files I download from there), made me a FABULOUS dinner. He's a good man.

Now let's celebrate with some pictures.

We have discovered FEET!

Next is a picture of one of my new favorite things. John needs a good swaddling to fall asleep properly. He has also become effective at kicking himself out of the swaddle in the night time. As he has grown, this has gotten more and more ridiculous because receiving blankets don't fit him anymore. I started using a ribbon to tie him using this method. But then he would kick out of it and the ribbon would end up around his throat. Seems like a choking hazard, right? These swaddling blankets are perfect. He still squirms his arms out on a regular basis, but there is no fear of the result being death. And they are super easy to use.

And this is just smart looking.


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