Thursday, January 28, 2010

::Insert Big Sigh Here::

I'm not even sure where to begin with this. I've decided that I don't like people. People in general. Now, I know that not all people are bad, but you just never know. Because, as people, we are easily fooled. Evidently.

I'm thinking about this just because we've had a few bad experiences lately. Like, last night, when posting snarky things about the State of the Union address on facebook, someone hit me with a low blow. Seriously, a girl that I barely know, who certainly barely knows me, said some really horrible things about me right on my facebook page, for all to see. It was unbelievably cruel. What's funny is that I'd made a comment on one of her statuses earlier that night had she had deleted it within seconds of me posting. And my comment was a joke - seriously totally benign. Other than that I've actually never politically engaged with her. And out of no where she's attacking my character and bullying me - ironically by telling me I'm a bully and I attack others. (PS, that's not true. I have strong opinions to be sure, but I have *never* personally attacked anyone because of their political views. Not something she can say now.) Anyways, the real point is that I thought this person was nice. As it turns out she's capable of being TOTALLY unpleasant. And, sadly, this seemed to induce a string of rather unpleasant comments as well. Not all directed right at me, but most subtly so. Its like if someone is a big jerk, other people don't feel like its so bad to be kinda jerky. It was a bad night for me.

Towards the end of last year, William was a dealt a blow too - and consequently me, because he was really hurt, which meant I was really pissed off. (I still am. I'm working on it.) He had some friends - who he thought were really good friends - who totally turned on him. Turned on him like 12 year old girls turn on each when they decide they need some drama in their lives. All of the sudden they weren't talking to him anymore, were not inviting him to things they used to all do together (even ignoring him when he asked about it), and then actually started making fun of him in the comments they made to each other on facebook. He ended up "unfriending" them, so he wouldn't have to keep seeing that. So, who knows where it stands now. William is a kind person, and so has made himself vulnerable by being pleasant to these people in public. I'm not as good as he is, and often find myself wanting to punch them in the face when I see them. I haven't. Yet. (Like I said, still working on it.)

What really gets me about these two guys is that its not like the other girl I talked about. I don't know her very well. But William knew these guys well. Heck, I even knew them well. They both came to see us in the hospital after John was born, and they both even stood with William for John's name and blessing (like a Christening, for those of you who aren't LDS). This just makes me see red when I think about it. Memories of that wonderful day are always going to be tainted with the jerks these two men turned out to be. See how you just never know when someone is gonna decide to start treating you like crap?

This has been particularly hard for us, because most of the friends we have right now in Tallahassee are people we met at church. And all of those people are friends with these two guys too. In fact, one of them enjoys a reputation of being a really great guy. The other one is kinda known for being a toxic gossip, but everyone likes him anyway. So, William and I have kinda been left feeling like we no longer have ANY friends, because its hard to know who these two HAVEN'T gossiped to. (Especially the toxic gossipy one.) It just feels awkward being around pretty much all the people we know now.

Anyways, I've just decided people can't be trusted. Mind you, I know that some people can, but in the future I'm going to require more evidence before I make up my mind.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

William says, "You're creating the hazard."

This will be a short post. Believe me, I have plenty more to say related to what I blogged about last night. I could easily right a book on the topics that concern me the most (in the political arena). For now, will talk about something that vexes me greatly every time I see it happen. I am talking about you Mr. and Mrs. hazard-light over-users. The hazard lights don't give you license to park anywhere you want. The most recent culprit: some lazy punk who didn't just decide it was okay to park in the fire lane at Wal-Mart, but he or she (didn't actually see the driver) parked all the way up on the sidewalk that runs along the front of the building. Nice, real nice. You people make me sick.

Friday, January 22, 2010

William says, "Jesus was right; how 'bout that."

I have been thinking a lot about politics lately. I have walked head first into a few debates in recent months and one in particular in the last few days that have really upset me. My political views are complicated, to say the least. I am a registered Republican, but I apparently have some "liberal" leanings. Basically, I consider myself moderate. Perhaps a little more helpful, I guess I am socially conservative and fiscally liberal (to some extent). My wife keeps telling me that I need to change my voter registration to reflect my true political beliefs, which she claims are clearly in line with Democrats (her party). I can't really see myself doing that right now for a lot of reasons. One reason, a sentiment that my wife basically shares, the political party system should be abolished, but that's an entirely different story, and I am already threatening to stray too far from the focus of this post, so let me get right to it. Many of my beliefs, even my political beliefs are firmly rooted in my religious beliefs, and if you know me at all, you know just how strong those beliefs are to me. I believe that the biggest problem with the world today is all encompassing, which means that it has penetrated even the political sphere (which comes as no surprise). But what is even sadder to me is how much this has even penetrated the hearts of people who share my beliefs and many who have similar beliefs. That problem is quite simply a lack of compassion. And what makes the whole problem even more devastating is that all of those people believe they are not showing a lack of compassion, that they are not caring only about themselves and "their" money. I don't mean to sound preachy, and I am FAAAAAAR from perfect. I can certainly use a few lessons in showing more compassion and even general kindness to everyone else. But it's hard to ignore this ever growing problem in the world especially when it reminds me of what the Savior said, as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew in reference to the last days: "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold" (Matt. 24:12).

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My (huge) 1 Year Old

We had John's one year check up yesterday. I know its a bit late, but that's what you get when you have a baby so close to Christmas.

Are sitting down for these stats?

  • HT - 31 1/4 (90%)

  • WT - 25 lb 13 oz (85%)

  • HEAD - 50.1 cm (97%)

The doctor expressed some concern about the largeness of his head - said something about maybe getting an ultrasound - until I point out William's head. Then the doctor wrote down in his notes, "Father also has a large head." (For clarification, William's head is proportional to his body. I'm just expecting that my son will also be tall and broad like his daddy.)

Having a one year old around the house has just been so fun. I feel like he just gets more fun to play with every day. He's doing all kinds of new things, like walking and eating table foods and (the best thing) making up his own jokes and laughing at them hysterically. I just love every inch of him.

This picture was taken on his actually birthday. As you can see, he was super excited when he realized the new toys were for him.


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