Saturday, July 24, 2010

10 Things I learned on the 3 1/2 week road trip...

From Florida to Wyoming to Idaho to Washington to Idaho to Wyoming to Florida.

1.  I have the most patient son ever.  There were a few complaints about the extraordinary time he spent in the car seat, but over all he was amazing.  It helped that we were equipped with some fun DVDs for him to watch.

2. John now thinks he should get to watch those DVDs every time we get in the car.

3.  Pretty much every radio station across the country plays the Katy Perry song "California Gurls" about every third song. Its super, really.  (insert roll of eyes here)

4. There is such a thing as a shift cable in a car.  It CAN break.  When it does break, your car will not shift gears.

5. Motion Motors in Burley, ID can fix said cable.

6.  When I'm pregnant, I'm apparently not very good at utilizing a camera.  I normally would have taken a million pictures on a trip like this, but I blew it this time around.  I did remember to get out my camera on one occasion...  but it was a situation that simply *had* to be documented.  Look forward to the posting of those pictures.

7. I love the mountains.  Okay, I didn't just learn that on this trip.  I've always known it.  But I just get so happy when I'm in the mountains that I wanted to mention it.

8. When you get free breakfast at a hotel, its pretty awesome.  If that breakfast includes waffles, its even more awesome.  If strawberries and whipped cream are provided with said waffles, its the most awesome.

9. John loves to play outside.  It makes me sad that our apartment has no yard for him to play in.  We should go to the park more... when I'm not pregnant and lazy.

10.  When you've been away for the hot and humid hell of Florida summers for almost a month, its that much worse when you return to it.  I hate it so much it makes me feel a little bit angry.

We had a great trip that included lots of time with family, and we loved getting to see every one.  John had so much fun he didn't really know what to do with himself - especially with the "doggie" at Nana's (my mom) house.  That dog is his new best friend.  We can't wait to make the trip again.


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