Sunday, August 1, 2010

As Promised...

Okay, these first pictures are not the ones I alluded to in my last post, but they're cute.

John found two things at my parents' house that he immediately fell in love with.  1. Their dog, Mateo (who intensely loved John back).  2.  Their huge front porch.  He and Mateo pretty much spent all day every (that we were there) running around on that front porch.  

Actually having so much fun he wouldn't pause and look at the camera.

Now here's the really good stuff::

You have to understand that my son is fearless before I explain this situation. FEAR.LESS.  My mom says this is a trait that he comes by honestly, and she's a little bit too amused that I've gotten what I deserve there.  Of course, I don't begrudge her that, because now I know the trials of parenting a child that is afraid of NOTHING.  (Well, the vacuum makes him nervous.  That's it.)  Anyways, we went up in the mountains to play and eat.  The campsite we were at was right next to the river.  This kid loves water and loves swimming and was just ready to walk right into the freezing, fast flowing, and in places quite deep river.  William was exhausting himself chasing after him trying to keep him away from there.  (Note, I was not exhausting myself.  Hey!  I'm super pregnant and was sitting with my feet up!)  The seemed like it was gonna be a trial until we came up with this idea:
That's right, folks.  We tied him up with the dog.
It was really just the best solution.  He was a bit confused about it at first, when he tried to get to the river again...
And was upset when he realized he had new limitations...

But then he ended up having a really good time exploring with Mateo and sitting in (and eating) the grass.

See?  He still looks happy.  I don't think we caused any long lasting psychological damage.

One more picture for good measure.  I just wanted to show this one because it took three of us to get this jacket zipped up.
Does this belly make me look fat?


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