Thursday, December 9, 2010

William says, "I'm a broken record."

The Modern Language Association Annual Convention is coming up soon, 6-9 January. This is the big convention in my field, and it is the one at which many schools choose to do initial interviews. Of the 41 applications I have submitted, I have received one request for additional materials, and outside of four rejections, I have heard nothing, nil, nada. I have my plane ticket and my hotel room booked for Los Angeles, where the convention is this time around, but I am beginning to wonder whether I need to bother going if no one wants to interview me. Yes, there is still time, and many members on the job placement committee in the English Dept at FSU have said that sometimes departments wait until almost the 11th hour to schedule interviews, but with the conference less than a month away and no one else asking me for additional material in order to decide whether they want to interview me, I am starting to feel . . . well, more than a little anxious.


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