Thursday, February 10, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

THING 1 is 2

I meant to make this post when John turned 2 (12/22).  I didn’t.  Then I intended to write it up after we had his two year check up with his pediatrician (beginning of Jan.). I didn’t.  I’m doing it now.  I figure, better late than never.
He’s TWO!  My baby boy is a TWO YEAR OLD!  I love it.  He is so much fun.  He says and does the funniest things.  Every minute is something new.  He makes the greatest observations.  And he’s developing the greatest sense of humor.
He’s also mastering the two year old tantrums.  But, honestly, I’m more inclined to laugh at that than anything else.  When he’s really mad, he sits down.  (That’s right, he’ll show you one.)  I guess he’s just too smart to throw himself to the ground.
Speaking of smart, we just can’t keep up with him.  He’s started reading a lot of words.  There are things he doesn’t get right (if a word contains a Z at all, it often becomes zebra right away), but there are a lot of things he does get right, and it just blows my mind.  He’s also taken an interest in writing, so we’ve been working on tracing lines and letters.  He loves it.  My plan was to pull it out a couple of times a week (I figure if he were in preschool he’d go twice a week for a half day and only a fraction of the time would be spent on learning.  I believe in free play, and am not pushy about this kind of thing.) but sometimes he asks for it - “Try an A?” – when we’re coloring.  I’m just gonna keep following his lead until he gets smarter than me (this won’t take long) and then we’ll have to call in reinforcements. 
I still haven’t given him a hair cut, and its getting ridiculous.  I love his locks, though, and am just loathe to lose them.  What do you think?
By the way – his stats as of his two year check up:
Height – 36 inches (85%)
Weight – 31 lbs., 9 oz. (85%)
Head Circumference – 52.3 cm (97%)
He’s rockin’ that cranial capacity.


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