Thursday, March 17, 2011

A plethora of good news

I’ll list these in chronological order:
1. William defended his dissertation on March 3rd.  Defended it SUCCESSFULLY, I might add.  He got to hear the words, “Congratulations, Dr. Silverman.”  It was a good day.  He is DONE with the PhD.
2. I completed the course, and am officially a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC).  I am excited to explore my options for helping women breastfeed their babies.  
3. Thing 2 had his 6 monthiversary.  He’s a growing boy!  He’s in the 30% for his weight and 60% for his height.  Tall, but just no where near as big as his older brother was at 6 months.  It’s kind of nice.  Thing 1 was heavy.
Thing 2, 6 months
4. William GOT A JOB.  We will be moving to Buena Vista, VA in May, and William will start teaching at Southern Virginia University later in the summer.  We are SO excited to be moving on.  And SO excited to get out of Tallahassee. 


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