Sunday, April 24, 2011


It’s sad how long I’ve been meaning to post some things.  My only excuse is that we are getting ready to move.  A lot of things I’ve meant to do have fallen by the wayside.  But, I’m determined to hammer out this blog post, even if it takes me a few days to write it.  I’ll break it down into the posts I would have made if I had done them separately.  So, my faithful readers (both of you) will be able to skip to the sections you’re interested in.
In no particular order (or, the order I thought of them in while I was typing this up):
Big Boy Bed
We actually bought this bed for John quite some time ago, and just recently got it set up.  It was one of the things that almost fell by the wayside.  But, really, there just came a point when it was getting ridiculous to keep putting him in a crib.  And he LOVES it.  We were, at first, really worried about him getting out of bed to play at night.  And I kept trying to think about how I could prevent that.  Then I realized it doesn’t matter.  John has been really good about going to sleep – even wanting to go to sleep – when he is tired and ready for it.  So what if he gets out of bed and plays after we put him to bed?  I just knew that when he’d had enough he’d get back in the bed and sleep.  Sure enough, that’s been the case.  We know he gets up and plays (we can hear him) but it always gets quiet eventually and when we check on him he’s always tucked himself back in.  Or, as displayed above, throws himself across the bed in whatever position works. 
Thing 2 at six months
Okay, so he’s passed the seven month mark.  But I missed the boat on the six month thing.  The point is, he’s doing great.  He’s not crawling yet (and I’m not encouraging it) but he’s gotten pretty adept at scooching himself backwards when he needs to.  He’s using lots of syllables and is quite the little chatterbox.  And, best of all, he thinks I’m the best thing ever.
In the picture above, he was playing on the floor one minute, and I found him asleep the next.  It looked like he was actually trying to scooch over to the pacifier.  He didn’t quite make it.
So, as much as I love breastfeeding (and I really, really do) I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have low milk supply issues.  I was taking lots of supplements to help with that, and it did, until Wesley was a little past six months.  My goal was to make it to six months and then to go off the supplements (most of them are really expensive or I’d keep going) I was hoping that I’d still get some supply after that, because some is better than none, but I just didn’t.  At least, not enough to keep Wesley interested in nursing very much.  For awhile I could get him to snuggle up and nurse at night, but even that he eventually gave up.  It makes me sad – really sad – but there is not much I can do about it.  I’ve had a couple of good cries over it, and now I just have to move on.  I’ll tell you what, though:  I never would’ve pursued becoming a lactation counselor if it hadn’t been for the struggles I went through with breastfeeding.  I would have breastfed for sure, and probably been one of those moms that breastfed her kids until they’re two, but I would’ve totally taken it for granted.  I don’t take it for granted now, and am excited to help other women to achieve their breastfeeding goals.  I surely couldn’t have done as well as I did without my lactation consultant (I love you, Molly!) and hope that I can pay it forward.
Big Changes
The big move is 6 days away.  We’ve been crazy busy getting things organized and packed.  It’s difficult mostly because we can only do it one at a time.  One person packing, the other watching our Things.  And, of course – because he’s superman, William has done most of the actual packing.  I hate the process though.  Its nice to go through everything and throw stuff out, but packing just makes everything seem messy.  I just want the process over with.
I’m not real big on change in general.  Its hard for me.  Even when moving on to bigger and better things.  I haven’t really loved living in Tallahassee.  I’ve met people here that I will always cherish, and its an okay city, but I really, really, really (really, really) hate the weather.  I do feel kinda sentimental about leaving though.  My babies were born here.  I brought them home to this apartment.  Tallahassee will always be special to me because of that.
And, like I said, there are people here that I cherish and will miss.  But, honestly, we’ve had some bad experiences with some people here and I’m kinda glad to leave those memories behind.  It’ll be nice to not have to pretend I don’t want to punch certain people in the back of the head every time I see them.  Angel
Hopefully good things are in store for us in Buena Vista, VA.  And hopefully I will find even more cherished people to fill my life with.
The “Hide” Feature
I hate the hide feature on facebook.  Its totally passive aggressive.  If you don’t like someone, why not just unfriend them?  Its no fair secretly avoiding them without them knowing it.  ‘Cause they might be invested in YOU.  Spending time and energy on keeping apprised of your life and what you’re doing.  But you’ve dismissed them.  It lacks integrity and it makes me angry.
There are a few people that I’m 98% sure hid me on facebook.  I have unfriended them.  Also 98% sure they haven’t noticed – you know, because I was hidden to them anyway.  If you have me hidden on facebook and I haven’t noticed, do me a favor and just unfriend me.  I’d really rather know upfront that you want nothing to do with me.
I will admit to hiding single posts.  Mostly when there is excessive swearing (especially the f-bomb) because I don’t want to see it.  But I don’t have a whole person hidden.  That’s just rude.
I broke a rule.
I had, quite some time ago, decided to excuse myself from political debate for the most.  I decided I would engage again when the debate could be centered in reality and facts (I’m looking at you tea-partiers).  I did, and do, occasionally comment on threads on facebook that someone else has posted.  But for a while I totally avoided posting things myself.  But the budget crisis got me fired up over a variety of issues and I just couldn’t help myself.  And I did kinda regret it after a couple of comments that I got.  But, I figure I’m back in the fray now, and have just continued to post things that interest me.  There ya have it.  Bring it on.
That is all.  For now.  I’ll leave with a picture of Wesley, taken to match THIS picture of John.  How funny are we?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank you Jessica Seinfeld

Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food
Okay, so I don’t actually own this book yet.  I know about it because I bought it for a friend some time ago.  I will be buying it soon.
John has been such a picky eater lately.  It’s irritating, because I know he likes vegetables, but if it’s not cheese or “sauce” (ranch dressing, ketchup, hummus, whatever) he doesn’t want anything to do with it.  I don’t really want to fight over it with him – for one I think he’s too young for that, for another I know this is a normal developmental thing, and finally he’s just really stubborn and I don’t have the energy for it.
Yesterday I remembered this book and decided I was going to put the principle into action.  Today for lunch I made mac and cheese (yes, I feed my son boxed mac and cheese – but in my defense it is organic.)  and mixed in some pureed butternut squash.  I also mixed in whole peas, since I usually do mix in some kind of vegetable.  Usually he picks them out.  BUT, I gotta keep putting them on the plate, right?  Because he will eventually eat them. 
Anyways, it was FANTASTIC.  Dare I say the squash actually made the mac and cheese better?  It was creamy and had special layers of flavor.  And, much to my delight, John loved it AND ate the peas too.  AND asked for seconds (insert evil cackle here). 
I know I can start putting all kinds of purees in baked goods, but this book has other ideas as well.  I can’t wait to delve into  it. 
So, no more stressing about Thing 1 eating healthy.
That is all.


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