Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thing 1’s room

We like our new home, but we’ve had a bit of trauma.  The morning after we arrived, we opened the door to John’s room (he couldn’t get out, the knob is kinda funky) and realized that his room smelled like urine.  Fiercely.  The carpet smelled like urine, the bedding on John’s bed smelled like urine, and – the most horrifying part – my little boy smelled like urine.  We were mortified. 
So, we went to the store and bought several different carpet cleaners.  We tried three, I think?  Maybe four.  Everything seemed to help at first, but the smell always came back.  We talked to the land lord (who is awesome) he brought over some cleaners to try.  No good.  He sent steam cleaners.  Yeah, that made it worse.  After almost two weeks of living here, we had had it.  Every time I would get John from his room in the morning I just wanted to cry.  It would be in his clothes and in his hair.  It was simply awful. 
After trying everything he could think of, the landlord finally said to rip it out.  He sent over his son to help, and he and William took the carpet out.  The underside of that carpet was one of the nastiest things I’ve ever seen.  I don’t know who lived here before, but they were messed up people.  They weren’t supposed to have pets,but the landlord thinks he saw a puppy in the yard a couple of times.  Either way, if it was their dog or their little boy – you have to be pretty disgusting to let one of them pee on the carpet and just let it sit there, stain, and soak in.  Sick. Sick. Sick.
The good news was the big reveal after ripping the carpet up.  HARD. WOOD. FLOORS.  The landlord had no  idea.  (Because, seriously?  Who carpets over hardwood floors?)  They are actually in pretty good shape.  After a vinegar wash they retained no pee smell.  We though we’d refinish, but after cleaning it up a bit, we’ve decided some OrangeGlo or Murphy’s Oil will probably be enough.  We feel pretty confident that the hardwood goes throughout the house.  We’ve petitioned the landlord for permission to rip all the carpet up.
John’s room (the only one we’ve unpacked all the way – even though it still looks pretty bare.  We’re keeping his toys/books in a separate room now, so I’m not sure what to put in there.  I should at least get stuff on the walls, though.):
BTW: We love it here so far.  I’ll try to post about that soon.


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