Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dismal Diapering Dilemma

You see that?  What I did there?  With the alliteration? 
*sigh*  I’m so clever.
A couple of months ago we started having some serious issues with diapering Thing 2.  It seems that he has inherited my eczema.  And it was breaking out in his diaper area…  all up over his junk, as it were. 
I tried all manner of treatments.  And several of them  helped to heal the rash he would get (Greer’s Goo is the BEST.  I’d never heard of it until recently.  Its an Rx.  Ask your pediatrician about it today!), but nothing I tried prevented it from happening.  In desperation one day, I decided to try switching to disposable diapers.  Now, if you’re familiar with cloth diapering you might be thinking, “Why would you do that, Leah Marie?  Generally, babies who suffer with eczema fair much better in cloth diapers!”  And I know that, but like I said, I was desperate.  The rash was getting so bad in places that he was bleeding.
But here’s the thing.  His rash got MUCH BETTER when he wore the disposable diapers.  I don’t know why.  And I tried to achieve the same results with several different arrangements with the cloth diapers (fleece liners, etc.).  But nothing was as good for his skin as just putting him in disposables. 
So, there it is.  I am no longer a cloth diapering mama.  It’s sad for me.  Disposables are bad for the environment, bad for the bank account, and not nearly as cute as cloth diapers.  But, if I have to choose between bloody rash or healthy pink skin for my baby’s privates—it is what is. 
In related news, I have some cloth diapers for sale.


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