Monday, October 10, 2011

Thing 2 is 1

So, this post is coming to you almost a month late.  We can blame that on the fact that I’ve become the world’s laziest blogger.
We had Wesley’s one year check up last week and he’s healthy as a horse.  (As long as said horse is super healthy.)  He’s 50th percentile for his weight and 75th for his height.  So, he’s tall for his age, but still no where near as big as John was as a one year old.
He’s been walking since 11 months, and has gotten really speedy.  He’s a wicked problem solver and its so fun to watch him work things out.  Its possible that sometimes I place things he wants in difficult to get to places just to watch the show.  Is that bad?
He’s also super snuggly.  John has, since he was born, been on the move.  Its nice that Wesley sometimes just wants to sit and chill.  But, also, sometimes it would be awesome if  he would schedule the snuggle time appropriately with my schedule.  (Someone needs to push a vacuum around here, I’m just sayin’.)
He also falls down face first a lot.  Its not his favorite.
His cuteness continues to abound. 


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