Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Homemade Sunscreen

Please read my homemade disclaimer.

I found this recipe at wellness mama.  If you’ve read my disclaimer, you’ll not be surprised that the first half of her post on this all sounded like “blah, blah, blah” to me.  Well, the parts that didn’t downright make me angry.  (Vitamin D deficiency is a scarier problem than skin cancer?  Oh, that’s because skin cancer isn’t “particularly deadly”?  I see.  You’ve clearly never had a loved one have it.) And the fact that she labeled the recipe NATURAL homemade sunscreen is beyond irritating.  As though zinc oxide is something you can pick in your backyard. Riiiiiight.

Whatever, though, it’s a great recipe.  Here is my adaptation of it:

UNnatural Homemade Sunscreen:

sunscreen1/4 cup coconut oil

5 tsp zinc oxide

1 TBSP beeswax

3 TBSP aloe vera gel

1/2 cup filtered water

I also added lavender essential oil, which is soothing for the skin (as long as it is therapeutic grade.  If not, then it just smells nice and you can go with that too.)

That amount of zinc oxide is about 20 spf.  I doubled it.

When I first came across this recipe (which I thought was at wellness mama, but perhaps somewhere else as well?  or the instructions on her site changed), the instructions were to heat the oil and beeswax together double boiler style to melt the beeswax, heat the water and aloe vera separately, and then add the zinc oxide to the beeswax mix and whisk the everything together quickly to get an emulsification.  It was a bit complicated, but it works.  I noticed today that her blog now says to just add everything but the zinc oxide to a glass jar and place that in a sauce pan with water and heat it up.  Everything will melt together and then you can just stir in the zinc oxide.  That is pretty genius and is what I will do for my next batch.

Another thing I might change next time is using grapeseed or olive oil.  I thought I’d like the coconut oil best because coconut oil is paste at room temperature.  But, you use sunscreen when you’re sitting in the sun right?  And then it’s usually hot and is an oil consistency anyway.  At least, it seems like that’s the way it is most of the time I’m applying it. A cheaper oil would work just as well.  Probably grapeseed, because it is less greasy.

The beauty of this sunscreen is that one batch is gonna last us, likely, two years or so. I spent maybe $20 in gathering the ingredients I need, and those ingredients are enough to last me the next 4 or 5 batches.  Spending $20 in 10 years on sunscreen? Priceless. 

Oh, also, it totally works.


  1. I easily spend $20 on sunscreen for my kids EACH summer. They have such sensitive skin I pay gobb tons for the stuff that doesn't give them hives or a rash. This is going to be AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.

    1. This was one of my motives for it. It seems Thing 2 has inherited my sensitive skin. This one works really well on him!


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