Friday, July 13, 2012

My “Gender Issues” Stand.

Last Spring there was a lot of hoopla about a picture of a little boy with pink toe nails.  It struck a chord with me because over blown gender issues in the media drive me nuts.  And I’ve always said it affects little boys as much as little girls, and here that was in action.  I was pretty fired up for days and vowed to paint the Things’ toes pink, so that I could make a statement about it.  Sadly, they would not sit still.  They don’t really care about gender issues and making statements.  Which I guess was kind of my point in the first place.  Pink is just. a. color.

But earlier this week I painted *my* toe nails pink.  Thing 1 noticed (as he always does, along with hair changes and new clothes. he’s so attentive and sweet.) and went on and on about how pretty it was.  And then he said the words I’ve been waiting for, “I wish MY toe nails could be pink!”

My heart leapt for joy.  “Yes!” I thought, “this is it!  This is my moment!  My opus! I’m going to show the world!”

And then I decided to let him look at the different colors I had, so that he could choose his own shade.  *sigh*   At least I got to paint his nails.

Yeah. Not pink.


  1. Ha! Love that you got to paint his toenails, but it's funny that he chose blue. My husband's favorite color is pink. Any time our little nieces or nephews hear that, they tell he can't like pink because he's a boy. He tries to set them straight, but it's so ingrained in them that pink is for girls and blue is boys that they just won't grasp the "It's just a color" thing. Oh well. We try at least.

    1. We do try. It is crazy how they pick it up though. The thing is, my son is perfectly okay with pink, and I was pretty surprised he picked the blue. I think it was just because it was neon. Pfft.

  2. I have been fascinated that a large number of my male students love pink. I've decided it is because kids with autism don't get the social cues of what color they are SUPPOSED to like and so they like what ever they want.

    1. I want my sons to have that that same inhibition to just be who they are. I'm working for it.


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