Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I feel like the word patriot gets thrown around a lot.  Especially by tea baggers, who like to dress up like Paul Revere and pretend that means something.  With all of the throwing around it gets, the word has lost all meaning.  It’s usage as been sullied.  Lets go over the definition, shall we?

patriot (n) a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors

I think we all assume we’re patriots when our country is attacked from without.  Enemies of the state make us all patriots.  So what of detractors?

detractor (n) a person who disparages someone or something

One who disparages?

disparage (v) regard or represent as being of little worth

Interesting right?  So, a detractor is one who regards the nation as being of little worth? Here is what I’ve really been thinking.  How can you call yourself a patriot if you loathe and distrust your own government?  If you place so little worth on the government that is holding your country together that everything you say about it boils down to it being inefficient, corrupt, and overreaching?  If you would rather see society crumble around you than provide the government with any resource it needs to care for its citizens?  How in the WORLD are you calling yourself a patriot?  I think you might’ve meant guerilla warrior. 

Happy Independence Day, y’all. 

American Flag

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