Sunday, July 15, 2012

Simple Woman

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Outside my window... enjoying the cooler morning hours.  Is it fall yet?

I am thinking... about deleting my facebook account.  I’m just not sure it’s serving a positive purpose for me anymore.

I am thankful... for good produce, when I can find it.

In the kitchen... I am not.  The boys got a pretty cheap breakfast this morning.  Mama’s sleepy.

I am wearing... pjs.

I am creating... meh.  I’ve totally stalled out on a couple of projects.

I am going... to need a nap.

I am wondering... how much food Thing 1 can stuff into his cheeks.  I’m daily growing more confident that it is a remarkable amount.

I am reading... Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  (“Just one?!?!” you ask?  I finished three books last week, and haven’t started new ones yet.  Never fear, I will.)

I am hoping... to hear from the mortgage lender guy this week.  For the love.

I am looking forward to... hopefully seeing some family in August.

I am learning… about logotherapy.  Just because of one of the books I read last week.  It’s interesting.

Around the house... we’re just dying to get out of here.

I am pondering... paint colors, for the walls in the new house if we ever get to move there.

A favorite quote for today... He who has a why to live with can bear with almost any how. – Friedrich Nietzsche

One of my favorite things... is discovering a new, fun recipe.

A few plans for the rest of the week: there’s really not much besides the regular activities.

A peek into my day...

We were road tripping.  He couldn’t decided if he was more thirsty or tired.  He tried to address both issues at once.


  1. Love your quote! And your picture is adorable :)

  2. Please don't leave facebook. I really appreciate your posts, insight and comments. Your facebook has a positive impact on me!

    1. Thanks Rachel. I guess i wasn't so much thinking about my impact on others. I was (selfishly) thinking about the way some of the garbage I see on there impacts me.

  3. Your quote is so nice and the peek into your day was priceless ...Enjoyed your blog


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